Re: Flood in Creston

Re: Flood in Creston

'Climate Change and Wildfire Season' has again started here in British Columbia.

  • Jul. 24, 2018 12:00 a.m.

To the editor:

‘Climate Change and Wildfire Season’ has again started here in British Columbia, but as the old joke and saying goes – “How does one cause a flood” – here in Creston?

I am personally surprised, as are many others, that after publication of four (4) weeks in our Town newspaper, the ‘Creston Valley Advance’, there has been no mention, photos or comments of the torrential rainstorm and major flood damage to the many homes and properties, which our Town of Creston experienced on Tuesday, June 22, 2018.

Town work crews have been busy inspecting street locations, water mains, and sewers, with flooding and the dislodging of street manhole-covers from this serious rainfall. It is said that Water pressure may have caused overloaded water mains, but it has not as yet been explained or addressed to the public as to why houses were flooded?

There is no known report of any ‘insured and uninsured’ property losses of the many dozens of residential and commercial structures, which has been affected by this storms flood? The damages and costs must now go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars? Is our water catch basins and sewer line system within the streets of our Town safe? What is the condition of our sewer lines? Are these main supply grey-water’ lines now mentioned, also affected? Are they sufficient, or do they too, need to be upgraded? Do you really want to be flooded with contaminated water in your home?

So far, after a whole month, there has been no articles, statistics, estimated damages, or mention of those who have – or do not have – sufficient flood insurance coverage?

Can the Town address these issues and questions, and provide a public report?

Fortunately, as one of those flood victims, we did have flood protection insurance, but what is the cost of those who cannot replace their treasured photos, collections and memorabilia? What is the cost for the stress, trauma, work and financial loss that those citizens must be going through? Again, is it not disturbing that there is no mention or possible concern whatsoever – as to the many victims affected by this year’s flood?

What then is the total loss of damages and cost of the possible millions of dollars it may take in order to find, repair and correct this possible occurrence of street water flood damage – which may most certainly re-occur again in the not-so-distant future?

Wildfires and the many weeks of local news about our proposed new fire hall has taken the headlines, but what is to happen if we do not have proper or sufficient fresh-water supply lines to carry water to those residential and commercial property fires?

As a former government fire and arson investigator, it has been my experience and my job to question and determine fire cause and origin – but the questions now are, “What caused these floods” – and/or – “How can your next flood be prevented”?

George A. Hands | Creston

Creston Valley Advance

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