Regional District of Nanaimo (News Bulletin file)

Regional District of Nanaimo (News Bulletin file)

RDN looking to upgrade audiovisual equipment in its boardroom

Project could lead to live-streamed Regional District of Nanaimo board meetings

The Regional District of Nanaimo is looking at upgrading audiovisual equipment and adding web-streaming capabilities at the boardroom.

A high-definition projector, speakers and remote-controlled projection screen are among the requisites listed in a request for proposals dated Friday, Feb. 23, as well as equipment that will allow the chairperson to see a list of speakers, and override other microphones if necessary. The RDN is also seeking equipment that will allow directors to request to speak via the push of a button and a system that will allow votes to be recorded electronically.

There is the potential for the RDN to live stream its meetings in the future, said Mike Moody, RDN information technology and geographic information systems manager.

“What we’re doing is we’re asking for proposals to upgrade our board room audiovisual systems with the options of being able to integrate with web streaming if the board decides that they’re going to do that,” said Moody. “The main part is the sound and the video equipment in the board room is quite dated. It’s been there since they built that room and getting quite old and it’s been problematic over the years.”

Bill Veenhof, RDN board chairman, said it isn’t a topic that is currently in front of directors, but there is a lot to the issue. There are pluses and minuses from what Veenhof can gather.

“The positives are being able to reach out and touch the community,” said Veenhof. “The negatives are that you may be shaping your comments around the fact that you’re on TV and that could lend falseness to what you’re trying to do.”

The board meetings are held at the RDN’s building on Hammond Bay Road.

The RFP closes March 23.


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