RDN board invited to welcome Tribal Journeys

Canoe familes to stop in Qualicum Bay and Nanoose Bay

  • May. 26, 2017 7:00 p.m.

This year’s prestigious Tribal Journey event that features canoe families from around the Pacific Northwest will paddle its way to Quadra Island and Campbell River this coming August.

The We Wai Kai Nation from Cape Mudge and We Wai Kum Nation from Campbell River will host more than one hundred canoes on August 5 and 7, respectively.

During their journey, the paddlers will follow established canoeing routes and will be making stops along the way at numerous Vancouver Island First Nations communities, including three landing sites in the Regional District of Nanaimo — Nanaimo-Newcastle, Nanoose Bay and Qualicum Bay.

Qualicum First Nation Chief Michael Recalma has invited RDN directors and staff to attend the Qualicum Bay landing event at the mouth of the Big Qualicum River on August 1.

Upon their arrival, the canoe families will request permission to land at the mouth of the river and Recalma is expected to welcome them ashore. They will be invited to a meal hosted by the Qualicum First Nation.

Recalma is encouraging the RDN board and staff to come out and witness the significant cultural event and also actively volunteer to help in tasks like serving food, directing traffic, and equipment setup and takedown.

The RDN board of directors welcomed the invitation and requested that they be informed of volunteer opportunities that may arise from the event.

Tribal Journeys is an annual paddling event that has been taking place for more than 20 years, linking the peoples of coastal B.C. and the Northwest U.S. It celebrates histories, cultures and families that weave them together.

A grand public feast will be held at Quadra Island, which is expected to serve 26,000 meals. Campbell River expects to have around 70,000 meals served over the duration of the event.

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