RDKB board receives thanks

Briefs from the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary board of directors meeting in Grand Forks on Oct. 29.

RDKB CAO (left)  John MacLean addresses an agenda item during the board's regular meeting Oct. 29.

RDKB CAO (left) John MacLean addresses an agenda item during the board's regular meeting Oct. 29.

The Regional District of the Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) board of directors met in Grand Forks on Oct. 29 for their regular montly board meeting.

The board heard a presentation from Neil Muth, CEO of Columbia Basin Trust, who gave an overview of the trust’s current initiatives and future plans. After hearing from Muth, the board discusses a number of different issues pertaining to the region.

Board receives thanks from Christina Lakers

The RDKB board of directors received a letter from Mike Fairweather, chair of the Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owner’s Society, thanking the RDKB for its work in hosting meetings and providing information through the RDKB website concerning the risk to persons and property from the wildfires from Washington State and southeast B.C. this past summer.

The group also asked the board to pass on thanks to the American and Canadian firefighters who were actively involved in helping to control fires from the Kettle River (Stickpin) complex and the fire on Highway 3 on the lower portion of the Paulson Summit that briefly closed Highway 3.

Boundary Animal Control files September report

Kootenay Boundary Animal Control filed their monthy report with the RDKB for September. In Grand Forks, there were 21 calls and six written complaints. The breakdown was 21 for dogs, four for livestock and two other. One animal was impounded, while there were two tickets, two warnings and three licences issued.

No booze in RDKB fire halls

The RDKB board of directors approved a policy for alcohol in RDKB fire halls and a staff recognition policy. The policy states that no alcoholic beverages will be allowed in any RDKB fire hall, except for specific circumstances as outlined in the policy.

Staff recognition

The board also approved a policy for employee recognition. The staff recognition policy recognizes RDKB employees for extended periods of service to the regional district as well as on retirement or recognition.

Board receives GF rec commission minutes

The RDKB board received the draft minutes of the Grand Forks and District Recreation Commission from Oct. 15.

New business from the minutes including filling vacant positions on the board, which is recruiting for a new member from Area D/Rural Grand Forks and one from the City of Grand Forks.

Other new business was a budget review of the 2016 preliminary budget, which will be updated and ready for the rec commission’s Nov. 12 meeting. Two per cent was approved for the five-year-plan so no approval was required for the 2016 fee increase.

Rec staff reported meeting with Graham Watt about the Learning Garden, which is being built outside the Grand Forks Aquatic Centre. At this time they are working on grants and ongoing funding for fencing. The group has received materials for the storage shed/water meter shed.

Public hearing minutes presented

The minutes of the public hearing for the RDKB zoning amendment bylaw No. 1579 were presented. The amendment would amend electoral Area D/Rural Grand Forks zoning bylaw No. 1299.

At the public hearing, RDKB planner Carly Rimell provided a summary of the proposed zoning amendment for 3250 6th West Road to rezone the subject property from Industrial 4 to Estate Lot Residential 3 within Area D/Rural Grand Forks zoning bylaw No. 1299 from 2005

During the bylaws section, the board adopted the amendment. The property being rezoned (Lot 3, DL 700, SDYD, Plan KAP38) will be moved from the current Industrial 4 to Estate Lot Residential 3.

Building bylaw contravention received

The board of directors received a staff report from Mark Andison, general manager of operations/deputy CAO, regarding a building bylaw contravention for a property on 6279 College Road in Area D. “In this case, the owners constructed an addition to a single family dwelling on the property without the benefit of a building permit,” said Andison to the Gazette.

Andison added that the owners applied for a permit but never got the final inspection completed. “There will be no action taken as a result of the board’s resolution last week other than to put a notice on title but that leaves the door open,” he said. “The board could take further action but at this point its just putting a notice on title.”

Andison said having a notice on title on a property makes it difficult for property owners to sell the property because banks won’t usually issue a mortgage because they know there has been some construction that has gone on on the property without a building permit.

“Usually they come back to us in the future trying to rectify the issue,” he said. “At that point, they’ll try to resolve any issues with the building permit.”

Rock Creek medical marijuana

The RDKB board received a staff report from Rimell regarding the notification submitted by M&J Orchards to establish a medical marihuana facility on the property in electoral Area E/West Boundary, off Myers Creek Road, east of Rock Creek. Notifying local governments as well as local police and fire authority, is the first step to securing a licence to produce from Health Canada. Health Canada requires that the local government not have any objections to the location of a Medical Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) Facility.

Grant-in-Aid funding

Several grant-in-aid applications were approved at the RDKB meeting. Christina Lake Fire Fighters’ Society received $1,500 for their Halloween fireworks; Grand Forks and Boundary Regional Agricultural Society received $500 to offset insurance costs; and the Grand Forks Rotary Club received $1,500 for their Halloween fireworks.


The RDKB board passed first and second reading for an amendment to the Area C/Christina Lake Official Community Plan bylaw. The amendments deal with multiple family residential permits.

Public hearing scheduled

The board approved a recommendation from staff to schedule public hearings for the RDKB Official Community Plan amendment bylaws 1585 and 1586, 2015 (amending Area C/Christina Lake Official Community Plan bylaws 1250 and 1300). Director McGregor was appointed to attend with directors Roly Russell and Vicki Gee.

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