RDCK Area C Director candidate - Adam Casemore (Photo submitted)

RDCK Area C Director candidate – Adam Casemore

I hope the Area C residents take the opportunity to exercise their right and participate in the upcoming election.

  • Oct. 11, 2018 12:00 a.m.

I’m Adam Casemore and I’d be honoured and privilege to serve as Director of Area C. I’m born and raised in Creston. I left for 5 years to further my education and training in masonry and gain valuable experience. I made the decision to return home to Creston and firmly plant my roots. My fiancé Kelsey and I absolutely love and value what the Creston Valley has to offer and there is no other place we would rather call home.

A couple of years ago I decided to serve the residents and give back to the community. When the opportunity arose I put my name forward to run for Town Council in a by-election, I was successful in my bid. It has been a great experience and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time. It has been a very humbling endeavor.

I would like to continue serving and giving back to the people of the Creston Valley and building for future generations to come. I believe I have an advantage when it comes to serving for the Director position. Having sat on council I’m current with the issues and challenges that face the Creston Valley and Area C. I have received a tremendous amount of local government experience and that would go a long way in transitioning into the position of Director of Area C. I have firsthand knowledge and experience in regards to the working relationship the Directors and the Mayor and Council have. I believe it is extremely important to have good communication amongst each other and collaboration to achieve progress. I believe it is paramount to have the same, if not better relationship with the residents and constituents. I am committed and dedicated to deliver that and I would like the opportunity to work with and for the Area C residents.

Progression has been my campaign motto. Progression is the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state. I would like to continue progression in economic development, business, infrastructure, supporting agriculture in all forms and tourism. Also, I would like to see the West Creston Fire Hall completed with little or no taxation to residents through grant funding, as well as Nicks Island water project completion. More importantly, to make sure the needs of the current residents are met and to attract and invite new families and people to the area. I believe that can be achieved by continual improvement and enhancing of amenities, projects new and old.

I will work very hard to ensure current projects move forward, i.e. the wildlife interpretive center that is managed by the society and resurfacing of roads. I hope the Area C residents take the opportunity to exercise their right and participate in the upcoming election. I also hope that you would invest in forward thinking and Progression. That is what I’m willing to bring to the table! I would also like to thank Director Binks for his service and wish him and his wife all the best.

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