RCMP Report: Vehicle burns north of Blue River

Once the fire was out, the vehicle was towed off the shoulder of the roadway to the nearest pull-out

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Clearwater RCMP was advised of a vehicle fire north of Blue River on Saturday, Feb. 7.

The vehicle was off to the side of the roadway and not impeding traffic. Once the fire was out, the vehicle was towed off the shoulder of the roadway to the nearest pull-out, wrapped with police/caution tape and left to cool down prior to being hauled to the tow yard.

Should the public observe what appears to be a crashed or abandoned vehicle that they want to call police about, it would be very much appreciated if a moment was taken to see if the vehicle has police/caution tape on it already, as that would help determine if police had already dealt with that vehicle or not.


Aggressive dog bites person

Clearwater RCMP received a report of an aggressive dog in the Weyerhaeuser area of Clearwater. The dog came out of its yard and bit a person.

Thankfully, the bite was minor and did not cause serious injury.

The incident unfortunately is not entirely uncommon in the area and dog owners are reminded to be diligent in keeping control of their dogs. Dogs should be contained within your yard, leashed, or tied while outside, so as to prevent any such occurrence.

Also, all dog owners should be aware that if their dog was to cause serious harm to a person, they could face a civil suit from the person who was bit.


Fraud becoming more common

It seems that internet/phone fraud is on the rise. Or at least there are more instances being reported to police. The scams have been disguised as all sorts of things, but all have one thing in common – they’re asking for money.

If any person asks you for money and you don’t know them or you can’t hand them cash face-to-face, it’s very likely a fraud.

In some cases, fraudsters have gone so far as to forge documents from real banks or other respected organizations in an attempt to make people believe the scam is real.

If ever you are considering sending money to someone, please, contact the RCMP and allow us to try and help you determine if it is legitimate or not. It may just save you a pile of your hard-earned money.


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