RCMP report: Rave behave

A total of zero noise complaints were received during the weekend

There was a lot of commotion last week about a potential rave on Dunn Lake Rd.

Clearwater RCMP spoke to the person in charge and gave several warnings as to the level of noise that was going to be expected from the party.

The party was a main focus for the RCMP, who conducted road blocks throughout the weekend in attempts to curtail any drug abuse or underage drinking.

A total of zero noise complaints were received during the weekend.

Ministry of Forest break-and-enter

The Ministry or Forests building was broken into last week. Video footage was seized and clear pictures of the vehicle and person have been recovered.

Clearwater RCMP is currently investigating the incident; however, if anyone has any information, please phone the detachment.

Domestic Leads to Arrest

Clearwater RCMP arrested on male last week during an investigation into an alleged domestic assault. The male was arrested in Clearwater and transported directly to Kamloops to be held for his court date.

He is currently at risk for being charged with assault.

The male is being investigated for charges of threats from a file that was opened up prior to the domestic. The two files have different victims.


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