RCMP Report: Many traffic complaints in May

Local RCMP received numerous traffic complaints in May, many for speeding and passing on solid lines.

Numerous traffic complaints in May

The Golden-Field RCMP responded to 78 traffic complaints and 18 collisions during the month of May. The traffic complaints included excessive speeding, passing on solid lines, and two instances in which a school bus was passed while both the red lights and stop sign were activated.

“With the increase in traffic over the summer months, we would like to remind motorists to plan ahead and give themselves extra time to make it to their destinations safely,” said Golden-Field RCMP spokesperson Cst. Spencer Lainchbury.

B&E on May 18

Police are seeking information after receiving a report that a seasonal residence on Lavallee Road had been broken into sometime on May 18. “At this time it does not appear that any items were taken, however there was extensive damage to the door,” stated Cst. Lainchbury. Anyone with information regarding this break & enter is asked to contact the Golden-Field RCMP at 250-344-2221 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Items stolen from Mitten

On May 19 police received a report from campers at Mitten Lake that they had items stolen from their tent while they were out on the lake. The items stolen included backpacks, an orange Jackson kayak, a Coleman cook stove, Bose sound dock, chairs with an umbrella, and prescription medication. Anyone with information regarding this theft is asked to contact police or Crimestoppers.

Youth admits to B&E

A local youth attended the Golden RCMP Detachment on May 22, advising police that he and two friends were responsible for a break and enter at a family member’s residence. Police had been called earlier in the week to investigate the incident, in which it was believed some liquor had been taken from inside the residence. The youths aged eleven, twelve, and thirteen will likely go before the local Restorative Justice committee.

Pair of arguments for local males

Police were called to mediate a disagreement between two males on two separate occasions during the week of May 21-26. “We were initially called on May 21 after the two males came close to a physical altercation at a local restaurant,” Cst. Lainchbury stated. “Both parties were spoken with at that time and we believed that the matter had been settled, however a couple days later we were called once again after one allegedly threatened the other.” Both parties were spoken to once again and both have agreed to refrain from communicating with each other.

Planter box fire

On May 21 the Golden-Field RCMP received a report that a fire had been set to a planter box outside a local restaurant overnight.

“Staff came to work in the morning and noticed the burnt planter,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Police are asking anyone with information regarding this incident to contact them or Crimestoppers.

Shoplifters banned

Two area youths were caught shoplifting candy from a local convenience store on May 21. The owner of the store did not wish to pursue charges in the matter, opting to ban the youths from the store instead.

Sentence for local

A local male is serving a 45 day sentence in jail after police found him breaching a no contact order on May 21. Police received a 911 call to a residence, and located the male hiding inside the bathroom.

The male was on conditions to have no contact with the person who lived there and was subsequently arrested for the breach. The male was held in custody and appeared before a judge the same week, where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced.

Thefts from vehicles

Police are once again warning residents to remove valuables from their vehicles and lock them after a resident reported seeing two males going through his vehicle on 12th Street South during the early morning hours of May 22.

“The two males took off on foot after being yelled at by the caller,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Police conducted extensive patrols, however the two males were never located. Police then received a call the following day advising that another vehicle had been entered sometime overnight, and that a wallet had been stolen out of the unlocked vehicle. Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to contact local police or Crimestoppers.

MHA for Alberta man

Police apprehended a 59 year-old male from Alberta under the Mental Health Act on May 22 after being called to a disturbance at a local residence. The male had recently been released from Rocky View Hospital in Calgary, and after consultation with doctors there, doctors in Golden made arrangements for him to be transported back to Calgary for further psychiatric evaluation.

Disturbance at dealership

A local male spent the night in police custody after police received a report that a group of males were believed to be breaking signs at a local car dealership. Police attended and located the group of males who were intoxicated. The group was encouraged by police to go home for the evening, however one male refused to take the suggestion, proceeding to yell at police. The 20 year-old male was arrested for Causing a Disturbance and lodged in cells until sober.

Cooler heads prevail

Police were called to a local hotel after a report was received that two males were fighting. Upon attendance the two males admitted to police that they had just been in a fight but had since ‘hugged it out’. Neither party wanted the matter pursued by police, and no further disturbances were reported.

Vandalism in Nicholson

Police are seeking assistance from the public after a window at the Nicholson Store had a rock thrown through it during the evening on May 25-26.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Golden-Field RCMP or Crimestoppers. A reward may be offered for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

Suspicious report

Police responded to a report that a male had asked two kids walking home from school to come talk to him near Selkirk Drive on May 28.

“This was suspicious to both us and the parents of the children,” said Cst. Lainchbury. “We made immediate patrols in the area in an attempt to locate the male, however we were not able to locate anyone matching the description.”

The following day police received a call back from the parents of the two kids advising that after speaking further with their children it was determined that the male had yelled at them as they were believed to be harassing another child.

Male loses pants

A local male spent an evening in police custody after being found intoxicated during the early morning hours of May 30.

Police found the male without pants or shoes, near 5th Avenue South after someone reported the male sleeping in the grass. The male was not able to tell police where he lived and was lodged in cells until sober.

Party outside LGES broken up

Police seized a small amount of marijuana and alcohol from the school grounds of Lady Grey Elementary on May 30 after a group of teens were seen scattering from the area.

“One of the officers in an unmarked police vehicle noticed a group of teens sitting on the school grounds,” stated Cst. Lainchbury. “When marked police cars arrived the group scattered in all directions leaving behind several bags which were found to contain alcohol, a marijuana pipe, and a small amount of marijuana.

Cars impounded

Police with the Golden RCMP Traffic Services unit were busy on May 18, impounding four separate vehicles for seven days under the Motor Vehicle Act for Excessive Speeding.

The vehicles, which were travelling on Highway 1 were alleged to have been driving at 47, 52, and 56 km/h over the posted speed limit. Each driver also received a fine for $368.


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