RCMP Report: Loud party leads to conviction

Clearwater RCMP remind the public that loud parties will not be tolerated

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, a Kamloops male was found guilty in Clearwater Provincial Court for mischief charges regarding a loud party in East Blackpool.

The party had occurred on April 20, 2012, and lasted into the early morning hours of the 21st of April. Many residents of Blackpool were disturbed by this loud party, due to the music levels being carried over the North Thompson River.

Police attended the property on numerous occasions and warned the owner of possible criminal charges. The male now has to pay $500 in restitutions.

Clearwater RCMP remind the public that loud parties such as these will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by way of criminal charges.

Prohibited for 24 hours

On Feb. 27, Clearwater RCMP received an anonymous complaint of an impaired driver at a local business in Clearwater.

Police attended the location and waited for the reported individual, who had previous reports of impaired driving.

Police stopped the vehicle once the occupant left the business. Police acquired an odor of liquor and demanded a breath sample.

The driver of the vehicle blew into the device, a sample suitable to issue a 24-hour prohibition of their license and the vehicle was impounded.

The driver also had an expired license and will have to contact ICBC to renew it.

Warrant executed

On Feb. 28, a male known in the area for damaging pay phones, squatting (unlawfully occupying a building or piece of land) and causing disturbances, was arrested by Clearwater RCMP. The male had an outstanding warrant for breaches on his probation.

Police had been advised of the numerous sightings of this male around the North Thompson Valley and made several patrols to locate him.

Clearwater RCMP then received a call from a local Clearwater business, advising that the male was at their institution. Police attended the site, arrested the male and executed the warrant.

The male was held over the weekend at Clearwater Detachment and was brought before a judge in Kamloops on March 3.


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