RCMP Report: Domestic dispute

A domestic dispute early last week that resulted in the arrest of a female for assault

A male and female were involved in a domestic dispute early last week that resulted in the arrest of the female for assault.

The female was accused of pushing, choking and scratching the male. In this case, there was physical evidence to back up the victim’s accusations. The incident is believed to have been the result of the consumption of both alcohol and hard drugs. The female will have her day in court on Sept. 11.

Theft of pallets

In the early morning of Aug. 27, the RCMP received reports of a theft in progress, in which a group of people was throwing pallets from behind Safety Mart into their truck.

Police arrived on scene but they were too late.

One eyewitness currently is being questioned. However; if anyone has any details regarding the incident, don’t hesitate to phone the RCMP.

Slow down

Clearwater RCMP members are dealing with an increase in erratic driving calls lately. This means anyone who is speeding, crossing on solid lines, weaving around the road, etc. This is a reminder that traffic officers are out in full force.

School is back


School is now back in session, so remember to follow the school zone signs in regard to your speeds.



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