RCMP rack up drinking driver charges

Creston RCMP responded to 93 calls for assistance from August 14-20.

Creston RCMP responded to 93 calls for assistance from August 14-20, Staff Sgt. Ryan Currie said on Tuesday. A number of drinking drivers found themselves without vehicles after suspensions and impoundments were issued.

August 14

• When police arrived at a local business where a female was causing a disturbance after being refused entry they found her yelling that she needed a drink of water. She was directed to where she could find a drink without causing a disturbance.

• When police investigated a report of a stolen boat they determined that it had been sold by an estranged partner.

• A vehicle stop in Erickson on Highway 21 revealed that the driver was under suspension. He was given a ticket and, probably worse for him, his mother’s car was impounded for 7 days.

August 15

• Police were called to Boswell, where a number of storage units had been broken into, with thefts occurring.

• A picnic table was reported stolen from Centennial Park.

• When a driver known to police as being unlicensed was stopped in Canyon he brought a lot more trouble onto himself. He took a drink of liquor from a passenger in view of police, which led to his arrest and being charged with obstructing a peace officer. He ended up with a 90-day driving suspension, 30-day vehicle impoundment and a criminal charge for obstruction, as well as tickets for driving without a licence and consuming liquor in public.

August 16

• An intoxicated driver stopped for erratic driving led to a 90-day driving suspension and a 30-day vehicle impoundment. The driver was apologetic afterward.

• Another driver stopped on Canyon Street for erratic driving denied having consumed alcohol, then said he had drunk two beers. A roadside breath test indicated otherwise, and he was issued a 90-day driving suspension and a 30-day vehicle impoundment. His intoxicated female passenger was warned that she could be arrested due to her constant interference during the investigation.

August 17

• Police stopped another known unlicensed driver who also had been consuming liquor. The repeat offender was given a 24-hour driving suspension and a ticket for driving without a licence.

• When police responded to a report of a dispute in West Creston they found residents yelling to scare off a grizzly bear.

• Two fire occurrences required investigation, one involving fireworks in Lister and the other a campfire in Yahk.

• An intoxicated male was roused in a field in Creston and initially attempted to fight with police. He was held in police cells without further incident and apologized upon release.

August 18

• A property owner on Highway 21 was ticketed for starting a fire during a restricted period. It was extinguished without incident.

• A vehicle was impounded when the known suspended driver was stopped in Creston. He was charged for driving while prohibited.

• A male found walking his dog after a court-ordered curfew was arrested for breaching his conditions.

August 19

• An investigation into a series of break and enters and thefts that happened overnight in five residences and four businesses led police to four local male suspects. All were held in custody pending a hearing and two vehicles were seized.

• An intoxicated male was arrested after an assault in Lister and held for a hearing before a judge. He was also found to be in breach of conditions from an earlier assault charge.

• Police located an impaired driver in Lister after getting a call from a witness. She was given a 90-day driving suspension and 30-day vehicle impoundment, along with a charge of driving while prohibited.

August 20

• A suspect faces charges after being arrested following a domestic assault in Crawford Bay.

• Police were called to a dispute over a squatter in a trailer on private property.

• Police diffused an argument stemming from the use of an incarcerated person’s residence for a party.

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