RCMP looking forward to moving

Construction has begun

CST. Elijah Parish and CST. Nicki-Jo Wolfram (pictured above) eagerly await the much anticipated and greatly needed new detachment building which will begin construction in the next few weeks. The two members of the Golden RCMP detachment show where they may be sitting once the new detachment is completed in the fall of 2012.

Moving day just got a whole lot closer for the Golden RCMP. With Greyback Construction Ltd. recently being contracted by Public Works & Government Services Canada to build the new Detachment, work is set to begin within the next few weeks.

“The current Detachment space has served the members and the community well over the past 34 years. Having said that, it is now an antiquated building, which we have outgrown, and certainly was due for replacement some time ago,” CPL Betty Watson said.

The old detachment, found at 902-9th street, will be replaced by a new 1161 square meter building, which will be much more adequate for Golden’s growing RCMP.

“The lot size is slightly larger and will also accommodate adequate parking for clients.”

The old detachment was built in 1977 and as Golden moves forward, it is important for the RCMP to be up to date as well.

“This town has been experiencing a number of rejuvenation projects which has certainly enhanced the overall appearance of Golden. As the town evolves, so should we. The new office will have a fresh look and a more inviting appearance.”

It is not only the appearance that is in need of a change. With 23 staff members, more room and better facilities are also a necessity.

“It is designed to be more functional for the working staff. The new building will be able to properly accommodate not only the office staff and members, but also the various volunteer groups such as Victims Services, Citizens on Patrol, the Auxiliaries and the Restorative Justice Program who play an integral part in the community policing model which we strive for in Golden.”

“The talk of the new office has been around for many years now and we certainly are excited to see it is now coming to fruition.”

The new detachment will be built on the old school property, Edelweiss Elementary School, on the West side of Golden behind Tim Hortons. The project is aimed to reach completion by the fall of 2012.

“We’re looking forward to moving into our new Detachment,” Sgt. Troy Durand said, “we’re just bursting at the seams in our current building.”


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