Mutual affection is displayed as Dale Christie and Gena Sandli interact with Frankie Blue-Eyes and Heart, two of the horses at Outbackjacks Horse Rescue located 12.5 km East of Princeton on Hwy 3.

Raising funds for Outbackjack’s Horse Rescue

This past weekend saw the fifth annual Outbackjacks Flea Market take place right on the rescue property.

Although they’ve only been at the rescue for just over a week, Ace and Sparkle come right to the fence when Gena Sandli approaches.

Ace, 17  and Sparkle, seven years old are Appendix Quarter Horses that are the latest arrivals to Outbackjacks Horse Rescue. The pair are a surrender from the Cawston area.

Ace and Sparkle are in rough shape and will be with the rescue for no less than a year, says Gena Sandli. “It will take that time to heal them and get their muscle mass rebuilt,” she adds. Since their arrival to the rescue, concentration on getting them nourishment properly and safely has been key. They are being fed every three hours and their water intake monitored. A veterinarian attended Outbackjacks on Monday, May 5 to give both Ace and Sparkles a thorough physical.

In order for Sandli and her partner Dale Christie to provide a safe haven for these animals, they have to work steadily to raise funds for their rescue.

This past weekend saw the fifth annual Outbackjacks Flea Market take place right on the rescue property.

On Saturday the grounds were filled with local and out of town vendors selling their wares, bands from Vancouver, Chilliwack, Langley, Merritt and Princeton’s very own, Megan Liddicoat performing on stage in the center of the grounds.

Sandli also provided the Dry Grads of 2014 with a spot to sell their gas raffle tickets, coffee and tea to raise funds for their festivities.

Sunday’s rain did put a damper on the market, causing some of the vendors to leave early, however a few remained along with the musicians and the market carried on until late afternoon.

Year round, Sandli runs an on-line auction and thrift store to support Oubackjacks Horse Rescue. The rescue accepts donations of used items that are re-saleable.

If you are interested in donating to support the rescue or the thrift store, contact Sandli via Facebook at or by phone 250-295-0775

Donations and payment for thrift store items can be made by e-transfers or paypal to

Outbackjacks is a private, non-profit rescue, approved by and an agent of The Horse Protection Society of BC. Outbackjacks looks after the needs of horses that arrive, including veterinary care, farrier services, specialized feeding and medications before eventually placing them in carefully screened homes.


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