Construction on Kalamalka Road is almost completed. (Morning Star file photo)

Construction on Kalamalka Road is almost completed. (Morning Star file photo)

Rail trail connection drives ahead

Coldstream connects Vernon to Lake Country

Kalamalka Road is days away from completion.

Following construction which started in 2017, disrupting residents and businesses, the final stage of work is wrapping up this week in Coldstream.

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Paving will take place this week to complete the district’s $520,000 portion of construction.

Combined with the City of Vernon’s portion, the project provides a trail connection to the Okanagan Rail Trail.

Now cyclists from Vernon can access the trail, via College Way.

There is a dedicated bike lane that connects to Kal Beach, but there is no lane to the rail trail on West Kal Road – which would be the easiest route.

“It’s really tight through there between the property owners,” said Mayor Jim Garlick of the narrow road. “There are still people riding their bikes through there and the volume of traffic has dropped significantly since College Way was put in.”

Alternatively, cyclists can ride up the steep College Way and access the rail trail at Kickwillie Loop Road. An option of a ramp at the intersection is being looked at.

“The connection pieces are still in the process, this is just one section of it,” said Garlick. “We hope to have the rest of the connections up and done this year.”

A section of land still needs to be acquired and there are also discussions of installing a ramp.

In the meantime, crews will be focused on the gravel parking lot on Kalamalka Road, expected to be completed in approximately one month.

“Once the road work is done they’ll shift to the parking lot,” said Trevor Seibel, Coldstream’s chief administrative officer.

The parking lot cost is $240,000 and Coldstream received a grant component covering the three-metre-wide path along Kalamalka Road.

“Our section isn’t going to be separated like the city’s,” said Seibel.

Further improvements are being looked at down the road.

“I think in the long term what we should be looking at is a plan for that whole beach area and improve it,” said Garlick. “And improve the beach.

“Now with it becoming a park with the restructuring, there’s a real future for it.”

Pickleball play extended

Coldstream residents can hit the courts longer.

A demand for more pickleball play at the Mt. Ida tennis courts has been granted.

Players crammed Coldstream council recently to make the request.

“Most of the people in attendance were there in support of changing the hours,” said Mayor Jim Garlick.

Therefore non-organized play will be permitted seven days a week between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Although to respect neighbours in the area and try and trim down on the noise, organized league play is only permitted Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Development proceeds

Despite neighbouring opposition, plans are proceeding for a Coldstream Creek Road development.

Council has approved rezoning the rural property to allow for a single-family housing, but there are three covenants before the final adoption goes through.

Extra parking on the land, downcast light be implemented and a T-intersection that joins up from Coldstream Creek Road, Meadow Road and Pine Drive.

If the zoning is passed, the 1.56-hectare property allows for a maximum of 13 single-family residences.

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