Queen’s program proceeds

Queen Silver Star Excellence Program will continue to shine in the upcoming season with eight candidates.

A royal tradition in Vernon will continue.

Following a lack of applicants, the Queen Silver Star Excellence Program was in jeopardy of being cancelled for its 55th year. But the Vernon Winter Carnival Society says the program will continue to shine in the upcoming season with eight candidates.

“We did everything we could do to make sure the program could continue,” said Diana Williamson, Carnival executive director.

“We’re quite pleased with the outcome.”

Although there are only eight candidates, half of the number of candidates in last year’s program, the queens committee and carnival will be working closely to ensure the traditional program continues to move forward.

“There will be some program adjustments to work out, but the young ladies in the program will benefit from the high professional standards of this personal development program,” said Winter Carnival chairperson Calvin Hoy.

One example is the fashion show venue, which has traditionally taken place on the Performing Arts Centre stage.

“With not having that many girls we may have to downsize,” said Williamson, as there will be cost factors to consider.

The program has run with eight candidates in the past.

“It would be nice to have more,” said Williamson, adding that last year was big with 16 candidates.

While there may be fewer girls benefitting from the program this year, there is still a strong desire to continue the local tradition.

“We’ve had quite a few calls from people asking what they could do to keep the program running,” said Williamson, following an article in The Morning Star about the program being in jeopardy.

Those who would like to help out and have some time to spare can volunteer in various positions in the Queens program as well as Vernon Winter Carnival in general. For information visit vernonwintercarnival.com or call 250-545-2236.

The interview process begins soon as sponsors choose which girl they would like to represent. Then the candidates start the program in September.

Queen Silver Star will be announced Feb. 5, 2015.


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