Promotional trailer filmed at Sun Lodge Farms complete

The promotional trailer for The Revenge of William Turney was recently completed at Sun Lodge Farms

  • Jun. 10, 2017 10:00 a.m.

The promotional trailer for The Revenge of William Turney was recently completed at Sun Lodge Farms, just outside of Nakusp.

The trailer isn’t for a film, but a pilot that will be used to promote a three-part mini-series.

Cameron Gordon, one of the producers, describes the plot as a typical Clint Eastwood revenge shoot ’em up story, and the three movies are designed to tell an on-going tale.

“The idea behind that tale is the story of the late 1800s silver mining in the Central and Western-Central Kootenay regions,” he said. “It is a fictional story, it’s not based on fact.”

Once the pilot is financed, Gordon, a native Nakuspian, plans on returning to Sun Lodge Farms to continue filming.

While the person cast for the role of William Turney will likely be a person of note in the acting community, Gordon has said there are roles as extras, even talking roles, for individuals from the community who might be interested in taking part in the filming.

Gordon said he and the rest of the team making the trailer have received nothing but support from residents.

“We had individuals showing up just to help build an 1800s homestead, people were lending antiques that we could use,” he said. “We’re filled with gratitude about how everybody really stepped up and helped us.”

Gordon continued with his statement, saying the production team had not one negative statement to make about anyone or anything, and that it was absolutely fantastic to be there.

He would highly recommend the area to any film crew who wants to shoot there.

“We fell in love with it,” he concluded. “There wasn’t a person on our crew that didn’t want to move there, so it’s a matter of finding the money so we can do the film here and help stimulate the local economy. It means a lot for me to help the community and it means a lot to my team as well now that they’ve been there.”

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