Prince Rupert classes have less students than B.C. average

Prince Rupert's school district has slightly less students in classes compared to the rest of the province according to Ministry.

The Ministry of Education released an overview of class size and composition in public schools around the province, with classes in Prince Rupert having slightly less students than the provincial average.

Kindergarten classes in Prince Rupert were the one grade level that was above average, having 19.4 students in each class on average compared to 19.

Grade 1 to 3 classes have an average of 20 students in Prince Rupert, compared to  the 21.1 average.   The biggest difference is in Grade 4 to 7 classes in the district, which have an average of 21.8 students, while the average number of students in these grade levels across B.C. is 25.4.

In Grades 8 through 12, the average classroom size in the district is 22.9, slightly lower than the provincial average of 23.3.

The overview showed there were a number of classes with as many as 30 students when the formula was calculated.

The class size data was collected in October.

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