Police report

News from the Summerland RCMP detachment over the past week.

Mailboxes damaged

Mailboxes were pried open and mail was stolen from mailboxes in Summerland and around the Okanagan Valley over the past week.

Summerland RCMP say 10 mailboxes in the community were pried open during the past week.

The mail was later found opened and discarded in ditches, rest areas and elsewhere in the area.

Cst. Jacques Lefebvre said the opened mail has included banking and credit card information and holiday cards containing cash.

Police believe the incidents in Summerland are connected with similar incidents elsewhere in the region.

Driver receives suspension

A Summerland motorist was given a 12-hour driving suspension on New Year’s Eve.

The suspension was the only one issued at a road check on New Year’s Eve. Between 30 and 40 vehicles were stopped.

Cst. Jacques Lefebvre of the Summerland RCMP detachment said police are seeing more designated drivers than in the past.

Building entered

A boiler room behind Summerland Sweets was entered three times over the past week.

Police say the owner observed a vehicle during one of the incidents, but the vehicle left as soon as the owner arrived.


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