Police Report

From the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment

Plants seized

March 17 police attended a home in Ashcroft looking for a suspect who might have been hiding in the basement of the residence. The suspect was not there, but officers found a dozen marijuana plants growing under a single grow lamp. The plants were seized but no charges were laid.

Choosing sides

March 17 police were called in for assistance by the family of an estranged Cache Creek couple over alleged threats, stalking and graphic Face Book messages from family members and their supporters ranging in age from 18 to 47. All parties were advised to calm down and behave themselves.

Different stories

March 18 at 12:35 pm police attended a domestic disturbance complaint in Cache Creek and interviewed the 33 year old woman away from the residence. She alleged that she had been assaulted although no injuries were apparent. Police interviewed the alleged assailant, a 41 year old man, as well as other witnesses and details in each story were all different. Based on a tip from the suspect, police seized a bag of  clothing from the female who admitted that they may have been stolen. The matter is still under investigation.

Open liquor seized

March 18 at 4:28 pm police attended a complaint of a possible impaired driver parked in front of a Cache Creek motel and found the vehicle with two female occupants. The vehicle was known by police to belong to a chronic impaired driver, a 58 year old Cache Creek woman who was passed out in the passenger seat. The woman behind the wheel said she was caring for her friend. The 50 year old Cache Creek woman was given a roadside sobriety test and was deemed to be all right to drive. An open bottle of liquor was seized from the vehicle  and the driver was given a $230 ticket for having open liquor.

Flying high

March 18 at 5:40 pm Traffic Services stopped a Ford Ranger on Hwy 99 near Pavillion travelling at 129 kph in an 80 kph zone. There was a strong odour of burnt marijuana inside the vehicle and the driver showed signs of impairment. The vehicle was towed and impounded for seven days, the driver, a 23 year old Lillooet man, was given a ticket for excessive speed and also a 24 hour suspension for being impaired by drugs.

Hand signs

March 18 police received information that an Ashcroft man on a conditional sentence order was alleged to have breached a condition by having contact with another individual by showing him a rude hand gesture. The 71 year old man was arrested at his residence and held in custody over the weekend when he was released on further conditions and charged with a breach of recognizance and a breach of probation.

Shotgun trio

March 20 at 1:29 pm police received a report that three men carrying shotguns were seen walking down Hat Creek Rd. Police located their parked and empty vehicle and found that the Registered Owner, from Surrey, had a valid firearms license and permits. No shots were heard or reported and the men were not located.

Overnight visit

March 21 at 1:21 pm Ashcroft RCMP arrested a 39 year old Williams Lake man at an Ashcroft residence for outstanding warrants out of Williams Lake. He was held in custody overnight and released the following day by a Justice of the Peace.

Problem tenant(s)

March 21 at 4:42 pm police were called to the Castle Inn to settle a dispute between a tenant and the owner which involved noise, parties and an unauthorized second occupant in the room. Police helped the two parties reach a mutually agreeable settlement involving respectful behaviour and an increase in rent.

Hanging out

March 21 at 5:42 pm police attended a suspicious male complaint near the Oasis bar and located a 30 year old Prince George man at a nearby gas station. The man had numerous outstanding warrants from Ontario and Saskatchewan, but none asked for his return. He advised that he was on his way home to Quebec, but he planned to overnight in Cache Creek and hitchhike to Kamloops the following day.

Man assaulted

March 21 at 7:55 pm police attended a residence on the Ashcroft Reserve where an assault had been reported. A 51 year old Ashcroft man suffered significant facial injuries. He said he had been drinking with friends prior to the assault and didn’t know who attacked him. He was transported to the hospital in Kamloops. The matter is still under investigation.

Painful experience

March 21 at 9:33 pm police attended a complaint of a suspicious male loitering outside a Cache Creek motel and found a 31 year old Lytton man sitting outside the business and refusing to leave. The man stated that he had recently been stabbed in Kamloops over a drug debt and was trying to hitchhike home to Lytton with an acquaintance when he couldn’t go any further because of the pain. He said he had been given paid medication, but sold it to buy liquor. Arrangements were made to get medical help for him.

His acquaintance was found later on at 1:28 am, loitering around the Husky in a mildly intoxicated state. The 26 year old Lytton man asked to be lodged in cells overnight as he had nowhere else to go. He request was refused and he was told to keep going.


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