Police report

News from the Summerland RCMP detachment over the past week.

  • Sep. 30, 2015 12:00 p.m.

Drug message written

Police were called to Giant’s Head Elementary School on Sept. 20 after a drug use message was written on a wall.

The message had been written using sidewalk chalk. It was quickly cleaned up using water and paper towels.

There were no witnesses to the incident.

Tools stolen

Tools were taken from an unlocked garage overnight on Sept. 20 to 21.

The theft occurred along the 7900 block of Victoria Road South.

Donations taken

Donations have been taken from the donation bins behind two thrift shops on Victoria Road North.

Police say the theft of donations is an ongoing issue.

The thefts tend to occur late in the evening and overnight.

Anyone with information about the donation thefts is asked to contact the Summerland RCMP detachment.

Car tow dolly taken

A car tow dolly was taken from the Esso station in Trout Creek overnight on Sept. 21 and 22.

Police have received reports of numerous thefts from the area, including the theft of fuel and other miscellaneous items.

Anyone with information about the thefts is asked to contact the Summerland RCMP detachment.

Prohibition issued

On the evening of Sept. 22, police responding to a disturbance on Garnett Valley Road stopped an impaired motorist.

The motorist refused to provide a breath sample and was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and a 30-day vehicle impound.

Computer fraud reported

Police have received calls about a computer fraud scam circulating in the community.

The caller tells the target that his or her computer has been infected with a virus, which must be removed.

Police urge those contacted not to respond to the callers.

Vehicle damaged

A vehicle was damaged in a single vehicle accident on Saturday morning.

The accident occurred around 8:30 a.m. on Prairie Valley Road in front of Summerfair Plaza.

The vehicle crossed a municipal barrier, resulting in roughly $3,000 in damages.

Trailer opened

Police were called following an attempted theft from a trailer on Nixon Road overnight on Sept. 25 to 26.

Police say the lock was cut, but the thieves fled after a motion sensor light came on.

There were tools and supplies in the trailer. At present, nothing appears to have been taken.

Landfill entered

Police were called after the landfill was entered overnight on Sept. 25 to 26.

Buildings were opened and a door lock was damaged during an attempt to pry it open.

At present, nothing appears to have been taken, police say.


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