A $600-bicycle was stolen near the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Victoria

Pricey bike lifted from UVic

A $600-bicycle was stolen near the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Victoria on Nov. 26.

The suspect cut the cable, which was missing from the scene where the 2011 Blue Norco Indi Hybrid bicycle was stolen. The Oak Bay Police department has attended several bicycle theft incidents from the Oak Bay Recreation Centre and UVic over the past several weeks. Police suggest owners purchase quality locks and lock their bicycles in a well-lit pedestrian friendly area.

Drunken visitor doesn’t get far

At approximately 5 a.m. on Nov. 28, Oak Bay police received a report of an intoxicated male who entered a residence in the 2700-block of Cadboro Bay Rd.

The man left the home before police found him disoriented on the sidewalk nearby. He was transported to the Victoria Sobering Centre.

Routine stop nets prohibited driver

On Nov. 28, Oak Bay police stopped a vehicle with burned out tail lights and soon revealed the person behind the wheel was prohibited from driving.

The driver’s prohibition is now extended until Feb. 26.

Jacket theft

A woman went home cold from the gym last week, when an unknown suspect pinched her jacket from the Oak Bay Recreation fitness centre. The purple bomber jacket, valued at $116, was taken from an unlocked locker on Nov. 28.

Holiday roadblocks have begun

A Nov. 29 roadblock in the 900-block of Foul Bay Rd. yielded the driver 16 tickets and a controlled drugs and substance seizure for eight grams of marijuana.

Speed, driving conditions, bad match

A woman sustained minor injuries and received a fine following a dramatic driving incident Sunday night (Dec. 2).

She was travelling southbound past the Oak Bay Marina in the 1200-block of Beach Dr. when she lost control of her vehicle on the S-turn, entered the oncoming northbound lane and spun into a 180 degree turn.

The vehicle then struck a retaining wall and came to a stop on a raised garden bed.

The woman was issued a $167-fine for driving contrary to the wet road conditions.




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