Play nice, says MP

Northwest BC MP wants to restore civility to federal politics

SKEENA-BULKLEY VALLEY NDP MP Nathan Cullen wants to restore civility to the House of Commons and believes the Speaker should hand out penalties just as would a hockey referee.

Speaking last week, Cullen, also his party’s House Leader, introduced the Civility Project to end name-calling and other unparliamentary behaviour.

“We’ve watched a drop off in civility and decency with one another and when that happens it becomes impossible to have a good conversation and to govern the country,” said Cullen.

“We’re trying to tackle civility and decorum in the House,” Cullen said.

“I want people in elected office to behave a little better,” Cullen explained.

“It’s a simple thing to say, but much harder to do.”

The civility project contains a number of rules and changes to existing rules governing the conduct of MPs.

Cullen’s suggestions would give the Speaker powers to suspend MPs when necessary and even to dock pay depending upon circumstances.

“The level of heckling in the House not only causes MPs to become disengaged, it also causes Canadians to lose faith and trust in their elected representatives,” Cullen said.

“We tell our kids in kindergarten not to behave this way, so why should we accept this kind of behaviour from MPs?”


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