Pickup truck grazed by train, as driver rushes to help fallen senior

Nobody injured in Wednesday afternoon incident

No good deed goes unpunished.

That’s what one Abbotsford driver learned Wednesday afternoon when her pickup truck was grazed and damaged by a passing train, while she was busy helping a fallen senior.

She had crossed the rail tracks, driving west on Marshall Road, when she she saw an elderly woman driving right onto Marshall eastward from Riverside Road. The scooter driver was struck by a falling signal arm and fell to the ground.

The good Samaritan said she was aware there was a train coming but confident she had completely cleared the tracks, when she put her white Ram truck in park and ran to help the fallen woman.

The train grazed the back of the truck, damaging the tailgate.

The truck driver, who appeared to be in good spirits, said both she and the scooter driver were uninjured. The pickup was not in driving condition following the incident and was taken away on a flatbed truck.

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