Photos: City assessing damage from storm

Penticton weathered strong winds and wave action, but not without taking a few hits

  • May. 24, 2017 12:00 p.m.

City crews are out this morning (May 24) assessing the damage done by high wind and waves overnight.

“We did take a fair amount of damage,” said Peter Weeber, the city’s chief administrative officer.

The hardest hit, Weeber said, was to the Kiwanis Walking Pier near the Lakeshore Resort.

“We don’t know how much damage but it is definitely off kilter on the front and back,” said Weeber.

damage slideshow

Another area of concern is the bridge crossing Penticton Creek that connects the Art Gallery with Okanagan Lake Park.

“There is no gap underneath it. If debris washes up, it will hit that bridge and start damming it up,” said Weeber, adding that workers are trying to keep any debris from building up.

Overall, Weeber said there was a lot of erosion damage, including long portions of beach sand hollowed out along the Okanagan Lake boardwalk. A full picture of how significant the damage is, however, will have to wait until the assessments are done. One those are in hand, Weeber said the city will set priorities.

“We do have some concerns around this creeks. The water levels is now up at the point where it is starting to erode the edges,” said Weeber. “We are also working with the province to get some emergency funding for the marina to do some work on the breakwater.”

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