Smith Creek Wildfire wraps up.

Smith Creek Wildfire wraps up.

Photo story: Dust settles on the Smith Creek Wildfire

With evacuees in neighbourhoods across West Kelowna returning home, a quick look at this weekend.

  • Jul. 21, 2014 4:00 p.m.

As families returned to their homes in the Tallus Ridge neighbourhood, relieved to have a dangerous weekend behind them, several helicopters are hard at work.

Two red birds still whip through a quick rotation to stamp out hot spots along the ridge, flying over the golf course, dipping down to suction water from the lake, and deking back out over the hill.

For now, it would appear the battle is over.

Mountain bikers are still being turned away from the recreational area at Smith Creek. Remnants of a hard-fought battle to save a thousand homes lines the street—a hose attached to a fire hydrant, families unpacking belongings.

Megan Dobbs and Sharon Bond were kind enough to share some amazing pictures each took from their respective sundecks this weekend as the fire raged. Here is a quick look back at the Smith Creek Wildfire.

Only eight rural properties remain under evacuation order.

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