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Phone scam: Canada Border Agency will not contact you

Kimberley woman says she was told there was an arrest warrant out on her

A Kimberley resident says she received a phone call from someone saying they were a Canada Border Agency representative. It was a recorded message she said, which was her first hint that it wasn’t on the up and up.

“It said a package was sent to me and they red flagged it because it contained a suspicious substance,” said the resident who asked that her name not be used. “They said an arrest warrant had been issued in my name and I should press one to speak to an agent. At that point, I hung up.

“My first red flag was that it was recorded and secondly, if there was an arrest warrant out on me, they would be be phoning me.”

The Canada Border Services Agency has information about this scam on their website.

If you’ve received a 1-800 call from the CBSA, this is a strong indicator of a scam. The CBSA does not contact the public directly. The CBSA never requests payments, personal or financial information, such as Social Insurance Number (SIN) or credit card numbers.

Telephone calls may display numbers and employee names that appear to be from the CBSA. Emails may contain CBSA logos, email addresses or employee names and titles to mislead the readers.

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