Screenshot of the petition started by Anita Harvie to hire Dr. Prean Armogam at the new Port McNeill medical clinic.

Petition calls for Dr. Armogam to be hired at new Port McNeill clinic

'We feel he is being ousted because he has been persistent in his asks'

A petition has been started by Port Hardy resident Anita Harvie calling for Dr. Prean Armogam to be hired at the new Port McNeill medical clinic that is being run by Island Health.

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“The Vancouver Island Health Authority has advised us they will be putting a new medical clinic in Port McNeill and plan on bringing new ‘permanent’ physicians to work in it,” wrote Harvie in the petition, adding, “We already have a permanent resident Doctor Prean Armogam (private practice) who has been taking care of people from the communities of Port McNeill, Port Hardy and Port Alice for 15 years.”

She also noted in the petition that Armogam has said he is willing to give up his private practice and work for Island Health in the new clinic, but he is not being given that opportunity.

“He has been told to hand our personal medical files over to the new clinic within six months to one year. We feel he is being treated unfairly as are we. He is our family Doctor and has taken excellent care of us for 15 years, while other physicians have come and gone. He has compassion, heart and throughout the past 14 months has worked tirelessly 16 hour days seven days a week to continue to care for us. We know it’s been stressful for him and us during this time, but he’s still been all in.”

Harvie concluded by noting that over the past five years, Armogam has continuously asked Island health to work with him to bring in more doctors, only to no avail.

“We feel he is being ousted because he has been persistent in his asks, which were to hire permanent doctors to the area which would benefit his clients. It is obvious they are forcing him to limit his practice which would exclude hundreds of us. We choose him to continue to care for those of us who live in Port McNeill, Port Hardy and Port Alice. Hire Doctor Prean Armogam and his (experienced) staff to work in the new clinic.”

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