Pesky pothole problems persist

Pesky pothole problems persist

Mission mayor wants an explanation, apology from province for neglecting provincial highway

Mission drivers have put up with potholes on the Murray Street overpass and the Mission Bridge long enough, according to Mayor Randy Hawes.

Although not on Monday’s council agenda, Hawes raised the issue at the regular meeting asking for answers to why the provincial government has not addressed the rough road conditions.

“The Murray Street overpass is part of the provincial highway system and I don’t know of anywhere in British Columbia where a provincial highway is in that bad of shape,” said Hawes.

“As of last week, there were parts where you could see the rebar, metal under the pavement. This is crazy.”

Hawes suggested the District could offer to pave it themselves and get the province to reimburse them.

“At least we could have somebody out there paving it. This is absolutely ridiculous.”

Director of engineering and public works, Tracy Kyle, told council that the issue is a constant battle for the ministry, especially through the wet season.

“They will put in cold patches for the potholes and then the next day they are already blown out,” she said about the bridge and the overpass.

Kyle added the province is examining what options are available to them.

But Hawes said if nothing happens in the next week or so, he wants a provincial highways regional manager to appear before council and explain what is going on. He also things the public is owed an explanation and an apology.

He also wants Mission’s two MLAs – Bob D’Eith and Simon Gibson – to attend.

“What are we? Third class citizens that we have to put up with this?” asked Hawes.

Coun. Jim Hinds said he has talked with Abbotsford council members about the issue, noting that the commercial traffic on the bridge goes both ways.

“If this was in any other area in the Lower Mainland it would never be allowed to happen. But because it’s in Mission, we (the provincial highways) will just blow it off.”

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