Spirit Leaf, Penticton’s first cannabis retailer opened Saturday morning, to a line up, said owner Matthew Bolton. (Robin Grant-Western News)

Penticton’s first cannabis shop opened Saturday

Business has been steady all weekend, says owner Mathew Bolton

  • Aug. 14, 2019 12:00 a.m.

Penticton’s first pot shop was bustling with customers Sunday afternoon.

Co-owner Matthew Bolton said business at Spiritleaf was steady all weekend after it opened Saturday. There was a lineup of roughly 15 people waiting for the opening Saturday morning.

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“A lot of people are coming in and the first thing they are asking for is, ‘What’s your highest THC?,'” said Bolton, referring to the ingredient in cannabis that gives smokers a high.

But Bolton said he wants to ensure his customers are aware of the variety of cannabis available to them at the store.

“Yesterday, we had someone come in asking for that and we said, ‘We know what you’re saying but there other things you might enjoy. Try this.’ And he turned around and came back and bought eight more.”

The store’s current plan is to stock up on a variety of cannabis strains and eventually figure out what is in demand, said Bolton, adding what people prefer is different in every community .

“I know what sells in other areas, but each market is a little different,” he said.

“We thought we’d bring in a little bit of everything and after we’ve got some data, we can start carrying more of one and less of another and go with that.”

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Cannabis retailers here don’t seem to have the same supply issues experienced across the country when they opened last year after cannabis was legalized in October. Bolton said he had someone helping him from Alberta advisehim to stock up on certain products, fearing they would experience the same shortages.

“He was shocked with the list and what we were able to order,” said Bolton. “Just how in-depth and how much there was. (Supply) is not a concern.”

Stephanie Arrance and Ryan Johnstone shopped at Spiritleaf on Sunday afternoon.

They said the atmosphere at the shop on Skaha Lake Road was open and convenient and the location was easy to find.

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“Everybody is very knowledgeable,” said Arrance, who lives in Calgary. She thought the price was too high but said it is worth it to be able to buy cannabis legally.

“It has its benefits, such as knowing you’re getting the strain you want,” she said.

Spiritleaf at 102-2695 Skaha Lake Road is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day except Fridays.

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