Penticton liquor store to double in size

Construction underway at Cherry Lane Shopping Centre on new home for shop that's currently housed at former gas station

Floor space should double at the Cherry Lane Liquor Store when its new home is complete this summer.

Store owner Bill Irvine said his business is getting ready to shift into the larger building that’s under construction now on the northeast corner of the mall property.

“The building, of course, is owned by the mall, but we’re going to be the tenant in that building,” he said, adding he’s unsure what will become of the neighbouring structure — formerly a convenience store attached to a gas bar — in which his shop is now located.

Irvine said the new building will be twice the size, at approximately 464 square metres, allowing him to offer a greater variety of products.

“Nowadays, the consumer wants selection, so we can dramatically increase our selection,” he said.

“More of everything. I think at one time 20 years ago, consumers were starting to discover wine. Now they are learning to discover beer,” he continued.

“And with the emergence of the craft distilling market, we’re probably going to see that same trend. So we’re hoping to be there and part of that as well.”

Irvine said it’s been a three-year process to clear all of the necessary regulatory and business hurdles to be able to move into the new location, which he expects to open by the end of the summer.

“If we can get in earlier, we most definitely will,” he added.

Cherry Lane Shopping Centre’s manager was unable to provide any details about the project.

However, additional information about the build is contained in a report that went before Penticton city council in September 2013 in support of a development permit application.

The report notes “the owner of the property is currently in the process of finding potential tenants for the vacant gas station or attracting a new use on the site and decommissioning the gas station.”

It also mentions “challenging topography” at the site, so while the new building’s main entrance will be on the south side, additional access stairs will be constructed on the north side  to “allow the pedestrian flow around the building.”

A building permit for the work was issued by the city in February with a stated value of $500,000.


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