PENSAR extracts snowmobiler at Nickel Plate Lake

Seventeen PENSAR members responded to help an injured sledder in the Nickel Plate Lake area.



An injured snowmobiler is in the hospital after Penticton Search and Rescue crews performed a helicopter extraction in the Nickel Plate Lake area.

Penticton Search and Rescue were activated at 6:15 p.m. on March 31 to respond to an injured snowmobiler at the Nickel Plate Lake in the Apex Mountain area.

PENSAR Manager Ron Muir said that EHS requested PENSAR to help assist and extract an injured male from the recreational area.

Fortunately for the sledder, there was an off-duty paramedic nearby who began to assist the injured subject while the PENSAR team was mobilizing.

“Recognizing that there was limited remaining daylight to fly and perform the rescue, pilot Derek Robinson at Eclipse Helicopters did an extraordinary job prepping the helicopter for a hasty extraction with the SAR HETS team,” said Muir.  “We were on scene with the subject within 50 minutes and the entire rescue was completed, with the subject brought down via helicopter and transferred to a waiting ambulance at the airport in less than 1.5 hours from initial callout.”

It’s the second time PENSAR members and the Eclipse/HETS team have been called out in less than a week.

Seventeen PENSAR members responded to the callout. No details on the subject’s condition will be released by PENSAR. PENSAR is a volunteer rescue organization serving the Okanagan Similkameen regions.  Visit for more information.

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