Paving plan draws fire

Asphalt upgrades are getting a rough ride in Coldstream

Asphalt upgrades are getting a rough ride in Coldstream.

Coun. Maria Besso was the lone opponent to the 2013 pavement management program when it went before council Monday.

“I don’t agree with Quirk Drive being done and a lot of things in it,” she said.

“I don’t think we’ve had enough discussion on this.”

One of Besso’s concerns is that paving along Buchanan Road should coincide with the installation of bicycle lanes.

“I’ve heard from people on Buchanan that it’s a road used by cyclists,” she said, adding that there’s no shoulder and cyclists have to travel on the road with vehicles often going a high rate of speed.

Staff indicated that the road would have to be widened in places to create bike paths and that would require additional work and funds.

Coun. Doug Dirk also stated that bike paths don’t necessarily fit into the district’s priorities.

“I don’t want to divert funds from already identified road needs.”

That brought a sharp response from Besso.

“I’m not wanting to steal money from pavement management. It’s about co-ordinating bike paths with pavement management,” she said.

“What’s the point of doing paving now and then in a couple of years you do a bike path?”

Coun. Pat Cochrane says there is a need to do some research and get specifics on possible construction of bike lanes on Buchanan Road.

The 2013 pavement management program includes seven projects at a total cost of $699,000. They include Ravine Drive, Meadow Road, Crestview Drive and two sections of Buchanan Road. There are also eight roads that could be paved if tender submissions indicate there are adequate funds. Among them are Quirk Drive, Lavington Way, Anjou Drive, Bessette Road and Hymar Place.














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