The paving on the Chemainus Road Corridor Upgrade Project has been completed. Now, the accompanying sidewalks and concrete dividers are all coming together. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Paving done, finishing the concrete work the next priority on Chemainus Road

Corridor upgrade project will likely continue well into December

Concrete, paver stones, lighting and landscaping. The finishing touches are what remains to complete the Chemainus Road Corridor Upgrade Project.

The paving has at least all been done, which is a relief for the Municipality of North Cowichan and Milestone Equipment Contracting Inc. to no longer have to worry about the road falling apart again during any significant rainstorms. But the weather could still play a factor in the work schedule and it’s expected to take well into December anyway for a conclusion.

But it’s coming together well and looking more polished every day.

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“We have probably the last 20 per cent of concrete left to pour,” said John Dehoop, North Cowichan’s manager of infrastructure.

The remaining concrete is for sidewalks and planters. “That is expected to be done by the end of the month, depending on Mother Nature,” he added.

Paver stones are being incorporated into the centre part of the River Road roundabout rather than stamped asphalt used on other roundabouts.

“To repaint the stamped asphalt is tremendously expensive,” noted Dehoop.

The paver stones are more durable, ensuring longevity and decreasing costs over time.

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The River Road roundabout is just the third in the Municipality to be completely built without a detour. Part or all of the roundabout has been accessible throughout the construction.

“We’ve not been able to detour or bypass,” explained Dehoop. “We had a minor detour but not for the whole thing.”

Milestone has its own landscaping division and will be conducting that aspect of the project as well.

“Landscaping will continue on into December,” Dehoop indicated. “They’ve got all their trees and materials ordered.”

There is street lighting already, but the new LED lighting won’t be functional until late December.

“Most of the infrastructure work will be completed by the end of this month,” Dehoop summed up.

There could still be some delays of five to eight minutes for motorists as cement is poured in front of the Green Lantern Hotel and Silver Mine on Chemainus. “After a couple of weeks, it should be minor delays,” said Dehoop.

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