Palsson hosts nursery rhyme tea

Kindergarten students at Palsson Elementary hosted a Nursery Rhyme Tea

Tammy Caruso Photo Some of Laurie Sheftel’s Kindergarten class at Palsson Elementary entertain parents at a nursery rhyme performance. From left are Elyssa Sahulka, Kaylen Andersson, Kierra Sauntry, Shyanne Snell and in the back row are Alicia Henderson (in pink shirt) and Esther Heppner.

Kindergarten students at Palsson Elementary hosted a Nursery Rhyme Tea served with cookies for their parents on Friday, March 30.

The Tea was a success with many parents snapping pictures and enjoying the musical bells and nursery rhyme acts put on by the children. Teacher, Laurie Sheftel, said she has done this sort of thing before in the past and has always had success. It is a way for the students to show their parents what they are learning in the class and for their parents to interact with their children in an educational setting.

“The children get to choose which nursery rhymes they would like to do so that makes it fun,” says Sheftel.

Along with the more recognized nursery rhymes that we all know from our own school days, the children also read out some comical versions of the rhymes which brought about laughter from all those in attendance.

Dressed the part, the children undeniably made their parents very proud and even Mrs. Sheftel’s husband, David, was there to play a pirate in the place of an absent student for one of the rhymes.


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