Over the top for South Okanagan Tots for Tots to Teens

Over 1,000 people came through the doors of Pen High to donate to Toys for Tots to Teens

They came by the hundreds bearing gifts so many more kids will have a little happier Christmas this year.

And by all accounts the annual Toys for Tots to Teens’ second year at Penticton Secondary School was a resounding success.

The number of toys donated this year topped the 2,000 mark, much more than the first year the event was hosted by the school.

“The gifts just kept coming in all day long, it was awesome,” said Pen High leadership teacher and vice principal Sandra Richardson, whose students organized and ran the event. “There were so many volunteers and community groups involved at the school, it was outstanding this year and the generosity of this community is impressive, certainly.”

She estimated more than 1,000 people came through the doors during the course of the event, although not everyone who donated had the hot breakfast that was available.

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Richardson said all at the groups that requested toys have received the gifts to be given out to the less fortunate for Christmas.

In addition, some Grade 9 leadership students also purchased other items on the list from Canadian Tire, which again made a substantial donation to the event.

“What we’ll do now is have a debrief meeting in the new year and look at ways we can make it a better and a more successful event, but it’s easier to build on success,” said Richardson.

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