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Outdoor skating rink on District ‘to do’ list

Looking for design and cost estimates

  • Jan. 27, 2021 12:00 a.m.

The District of Houston is taking the first stride toward an outdoor skating rink by looking for someone to prepare a concept design and construction cost.

The design package being sought by the District includes not only the rink and accompanying infrastructure but potential locations, road access, servicing requirements and traffic flow impacts.

Those considerations include the actual potential size of the skating surface, said Tasha Kelly, the District’s leisure services director.

“Any decision on sizing will be informed by the construction outcomes and projected construction and maintenance costs,” she said.

The District has allocated $25,000 toward the concept design and construction cost, money that comes from the Northern Capital and Planning Grant it received from the provincial government.

Construction itself will come from a grant as well, emphasized Kelly.

“There is nothing budgeted for the physical build portion, as we don’t have a price point. Which hopefully this design will give an estimated cost for us to work with for future planning of this,” she said.

“However, we know that it will be strictly funded through grants, staff will not be requesting for tax dollars towards it.”

Those interested in working on a design and subsequent costs have until Feb. 5 to submit proposals to the District.

The prospect of an outdoor skating rink continues the District’s long range plan to either replace or provide new recreation and other amenities. Included on that list is a new firehall and a new community hall, concept plans for both which are also required leading to any construction decision. Senior government grants are also being sought to help finance construction.

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