Now is the time to speak up on Bruhn Bridge

Writer encourages residents to share reasons for supporting Main Street Bridge option.

  • Jan. 12, 2017 3:00 p.m.


Re: editorial, Bridge debate one-sided, in Dec. 21, 2016 EVN.

The editor poses the question, ‘why is no one speaking up for Option 3, Main Street Bridge?’ I don’t think it is apathy or letting others advocate. Option 3 has a long list of disadvantages for Sicamous, west side residents, the CSRD, Main Street businesses and condominium owners.

But what are the positives? Other than connectivity, and some vague suggestions from council that it will be part of an eventual walking trail with the old railway line land, we haven’t really seen any compelling advantages.

I don’t think the idea that the bridge would be a ‘gift’ as the mayor suggests, is enough to make a case for the massive disruption it would create in the downtown core for years to come. Any advantages that have been mentioned are all addressed in Option 1 or 2; that connectivity will be there, just a couple blocks north.

The three letter writers in the Dec. 21 Eagle Valley News stated the case detailing the disadvantages of a Main Street Bridge more than adequately. In particular, William Moore’s comments about the liveability of our town centre hit home for many. This all in light of our recent new community brand, “Live More.” It’s a great image and brand that speaks to the quality of life here in Sicamous, and holds the promise for the future too. A vibrant downtown that allows for options, and not limited to what excess traffic delivers, is something that resonates with most of us.

Whether you are a silent Option 3 supporter, someone who just likes the idea, or a councillor who thinks it is the greatest opportunity Sicamous has ever been presented with, please tell the rest of us!

Now is the time to make your case and present the grand design for the downtown core that will remove doubts, and perhaps give us the level of comfort we need to embrace a Main Street bridge.


John Schlosar


Eagle Valley News