Midget Falcon and Predator players battle for the puck in front of the Falcons' net during a midget hockey game at the Nakusp and District Arena on Nov. 12. Though the North Kootenay Falcons tried their hardest, it wasn't enough for a victory. The Falcons lost against the Boundary Predators 6-4.

North Kootenay Midget Falcons played hard against Boundary Predators

The team went up against the Boundary Predators on Nov. 12 for a hard fought match.

The Boundary Predators beat the North Kootenay Midget Falcons 6-4 on Nov. 12.

This was the first time this season the two teams have played against each other.

The first goal of the game was scored by Predators player Tanner Watson five minutes into the first period.

Undaunted, Justin Anderson of the Falcons scored a minute later, with Brayden Reardon scoring another goal two minutes later.

First period ended in a 2-2 tie.

The second period looked good for the Falcons. By the end of the period the team managed to bring the score up 4-3, and a hilarious moment occurred when the puck was accidentally sent flying, landing on the top of the announcer’s booth.

The final period of the game was trickier. The Predators managed to tie up the game 4-4, eventually beating the Falcons 6-4.

Though they were defeated, there was no hostility from the Falcons or their coaches.

“They’re hard working,” said Jordan Davie, head coach for the Falcons. “They’re a team that if you take lightly like we did today, they’re going to make you pay for it, as they did.”

This was the first game in two weeks for the Falcons. Davie feels going that long without playing was hard on the team.

“It’s hard to bounce into a game like that, and I think that really affected us and slowed us down,” he said. “I like playing every single weekend because it keeps you focused and in the right mindset.”

Though they were defeated this game the Falcons remain undeterred, and aim to do better the next time the two teams face off against each other.


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