No bears destroyed in Revelstoke so far in 2012

No bears have been destroyed in Revelstoke this year — but we're not out of the woods yet.

A good wild berry crop has led to fewer bear sightings in Revelstoke, and no bears destroyed yet this season — keeping Revelstoke on track for the first season without a bear destroyed since 2000.

But the bears aren’t out of the woods yet, says Revelstoke Bear Aware coordinator Sue Davies. Human conflicts with bears ramp up late in summer when bears push to fatten themselves up for winter.

That’s when they make more forays into town in search for high calorie snacks. The leading bear attractant is garbage — so keep yours secure until garbage day.

The number two problem is domestic fruit trees that become ripe during the late summer, attracting bears into town.

“Plums especially are a really good food source for the tree,” Davies said.

Revelstoke Bear Aware’s fruit tree gleaning project is ramping up to help alleviate the situation. The program matches unwanted fruit with volunteer pickers who remove the fruit and provide some to the Revelstoke Food Bank.

If you’re interested in volunteering, or have got extra fruit you can’t use, call Sue Davies at 250-837-8624, or email



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