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Dog licenses for 2014 are now offered free at the District of 100 Mile House office at 385 Birch Ave., but only for applications received on or before Feb. 28.

Pet owners in the District are required to maintain annual licences for every dog, but after Feb. 28, must pay an annual license fee that ranges from $20 to $50, with reduced rate categories for puppies, spayed and neutered dogs, and dogs new to the District.


The 2014 War Amps Key Tags are now being mailed to British Columbia residents.

Support of the Key Tag Service funds artificial limbs and amputee programs in the province.

Key tags ensure lost keys can be returned to you for free, once the finder drops them in any mailbox or calls The War Amps. Key tags are more vital than ever under the high replacement cost of electronic devices.

If you do not receive Key Tags, order them at or call toll-free to 1-800-250-3030.


A report on B.C.’s second Justice Summit held recently is now online at

The summit saw more than 70 criminal justice leaders hold a collaborative discussion on how to improve the province’s criminal justice system.

The report will inform the province’s first justice and public safety strategic plan.




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