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A customer service training course designed specifically for the Columbia Valley will be taking place at Copper Point Resort.

At your service

A customer service training course designed specifically for the Columbia Valley will be taking place at Copper Point Resort on Monday (June 18) and Tuesday (June 19). This eight-hour course is broken up into two four-hour sessions and will offer participants an excellent overview of how the local economy works, introduce them to the highest standards in customer service, and provide discussion on the influence of technology, selling skills and general valley knowledge.

Sponsored by the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce (CVCC), Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, Panorama Mountain Village, Radium Resort, Columbia Basin Trust and the College of the Rockies, this course has the objective of making the visitor experience truly outstanding. The sessions run from 8:30 a.m. to 12: 30 p.m. with snacks and refreshments provided. The cost is just $25 for CVCC members and registration can by done either by phone 250-342-3210 or by emailing

Phone support for seniors

Seniors and their families who need support around health-care related issues now have access to a single provincial phone line. The new toll-free Seniors Health Care Support Line is a key component of the Province’s seniors action plan that was announced earlier this year in February.

“We are making it easier for seniors and their families to get the help they need through the Seniors Health Care Support Line,” said Health Minister Michael de Jong. “Dealing with B.C.’s intricate health-care system can be confusing; many seniors do not possess the technical knowledge to navigate the system with computers.”

Seniors who have issues accessing health-care services or with the health care they received can now call the Seniors Health Care Support Line to receive timely resolution of problems. This toll-free phone line is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by calling 1-877-952-3181. More information on the seniors action plan can be found online at

Getting girls involved

While Women’s History Month may not be until October, the Canadian government is already asking community organizations to look ahead and apply for funding for programs focused on setting the stage for girls to lead and succeed.

“Our government recognizes the enormous potential of girls and young women to take on leadership roles in our communities,” said Rona Ambrose, the minister of public works and government services, and minister for status of women, “I encourage eligible organizations to apply to help young Canadian girls become the leaders of today and tomorrow.”

From now until August 10, 2012, the Women’s Program of Status of Women Canada will accept funding applications for the “Setting the Stage for Girls and Young Women to Succeed” call for proposals in one of two areas: engaging girls and young women in leadership roles; and strengthening girls’ and young women’s economic prosperity.

Eligible organizations must address a number of predetermined criteria in their responses. For more information, please visit

Safety first for Bike Month

June is Bike Month in B.C. and everyone is encouraged to take their two-wheeler out and go for a spin.  Bike Month is the perfect opportunity to not only explore your neighbourhood, ride to work, and enjoy new routes, but get fit and save money while doing it.

This year’s theme is bike safety, so adults and kids need to keep in mind some basics when commuting on roads, even for short distances:

-Wearing a helmet at all times will not only protect your head from all types of unexpected hazards, but will also set a good example for youngsters.

-When riding at night, make sure you’re lit up with lights front (white) and back (red) and wearing reflective gear so motorists can tell you’re there.

-Ride defensively, keeping your speed in check with an eye out for car doors unexpectedly opening and drivers who may not see you.

-Slow down, take your time, and obey the rules of the road.

-Be extra vigilant at intersections, as these are where most vehicle/cyclist accidents occur.



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