Newly repaired house post revealed

Newly repaired house post revealed

An unveiling and blessing ceremony took place in Mission on Saturday

  • Jun. 27, 2018 12:00 a.m.

The reinstallment of the Oyama House Post took place on Saturday afternoon in Mission.

Carver Tom Patterson, who was part of the original carving team that created the house post back in 2007, was on hand for the unveiling and blessing.

The post was reinstalled at the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce site next to the Oyama Friendship Garden.

In 2007, trees were felled and donated by the District Tree Farm for the Mission Arts Council project titled Joined Together in Spirit. The arts council commissioned artists/carvers Tom Patterson, Johnny Williams, Pascal Pelletier, Roxane McCallum, and George Pennier to create the post.

In a consultation with each other on heritage and tradition, the artists collaborated on design and chose the figures on the post to represent the relationship between land and nature in the Fraser Valley, depicting the Bear, Salmon, Beaver, Eagle, Sturgeon, and a spindle whorl.

Two posts were carved, with one sent to the District’s sister city Oyama, Japan.

As the post had deteriorated over time, in 2016 Patterson was hired to revive the post and bring it back to its original glory and stature.

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