New Yorkson association set up

A group of Willoughby residents has broken away from the Willoughby Homeowners Association (WHOA), and formed its own group.

Hank Der announced on Tuesday that he had resigned that day as WHOA’s vice president.

“Given the recent events within the Yorkson community, a number of local residents have formed the Yorkson Homeowners Association,” he said. The group will focus on “championing the interests” within the Yorkson neighbourhood, he said.

“Since a key focus will be the legal action related to the Athenry development, it would not be fair nor appropriate for me to continue with WHOA,” he said.

Der is one of nine property owners whose homes are in two cul-de-sacs immediately north of Athenry’s development at the northeast corner of 208 Street and 83 Avenue. Many of those nine oppose the development, which was approved by council on Jan. 31.

Athenry consists of three condominium buildings having a total of 158 units, a two-storey office building, and single-storey commercial building centre. This building will house an Irish Cultural Centre.

Der said after the council meeting that residents will fight the development in court.



Langley Times