New restrictions on Kettle

2015-17 Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis now available - catch and release and closures ahead for the Kettle.

New fishing restrictions on the Kettle River system intended to help protect the dwindling trout populations go into effect on April 1.

“In order to protect rainbow trout in this environmentally sensitive watershed, regulatory changes were implemented in 2015,” says a statement issued by the Ministry of Fish and Wildlife earlier last week.

“Changes include rainbow trout release and a seasonal closure on some parts during summer months when water temperatures are high.”

Starting in April, a year-round catch and- release restriction for rainbow trout will go into effect to try to protect dwindling trout stocks in the river.

The main Kettle will be closed entirely to fishing July 25 to Aug. 25, while the West Kettle River will be closed to fishing for the whole month of August. Both rivers are also under a live bait ban—the West Kettle year-round and the main Kettle from April 1 to Oct. 31.

The Okanagan Chapter of Trout Unlimited has produced a video supporting the closure that can be viewed online at

The problem is the low flow rate during the hot summer months. Fish move into deeper pools trying to avoid the warm water.

There they become easy targets for anglers, and, being already stressed by the warm water temperatures, are less likely to survive a simple catch and release protocol.

Members of the public are encouraged to phone the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) Conservation Officer 24-hour hotline if they see the regulations being violated: 1-877-952- RAPP (7277) or on cellular dial #7277.


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