New look for Surrey School District

Logo and motto updated for B.C.'s biggest school district.

The lone child sitting at a desk is out, replaced by a new, colourful logo that officials hope reflects the diversity and bright future of the Surrey School District.

The district unveiled its updated logo and motto at a public meeting Thursday evening.

The new logo features an ascending ladder-like pathway with various colours – yellow, purple, blue and green, with turquoise lettering – to represent the diverse population of the district.

The name in the logo has also been shortened to Surrey Schools, instead of Surrey School District “to emphasize a friendlier identity.”

The former motto, Keeping Learners at the Centre, which was adopted in 1999 along with the child-at-desk logo, has also been replaced.

The motto will now simply read Leadership in Learning.

Eight focus groups consisting of students, teachers, staff and parents, helped provide input into what the district’s new identity should embody.

“What struck us was the overwhelming enthusiasm about what’s going on in this district,” said Bruce Hayne, of Thornley Hayne Creative Communications, who oversaw the district’s rebranding.

He also noted that District 36 “meant nothing to people” and was removed.

A number of logo variations were developed, but the one chosen clearly attracted the most support.

District communications manager Doug Strachan said the revised logo and motto will be phased in on letterhead and envelopes and other printed materials as old supplies run out.

Logos on district vehicles, however, will be changed as soon as possible, Strachan said, because they are so visible in the community.

The district’s website ( is also undergoing advancements, in which the new logo and motto will be incorporated.

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