Nanaimo hikes rates on water, sewer

NANAIMO – Sewer, water and garbage rates are set to increase Jan. 1.

Sewer and water rates will jump by more than 12 per cent in the New Year.

The average sewer and water bill will increase by just over $34 as the City of Nanaimo rolls out a 12.5-per cent rate hike this January.

The move is part of a rate hike plan approved in 2012 to set aside dollars for asset management.

Water fee increases also cover supply services, like the water treatment plant. Water rates will increase by 7.5 per cent on Jan. 1, increasing costs by $29 annually for a family that uses 220 gallons a day.

Sewer rates will increase five per cent, or by $5.35.

There will also be a two-per cent rate hike for garbage collection for each residential unit, but users will still pay less than previous years under a new agreement with Multi Material B.C., a city press release says.

Nanaimo News Bulletin