Nakusp Secondary School inspected after chlorine incident

WorkSafeBC conducts investigation after four students and teacher are exposed to chlorine gas in metal shop.

The Arrow Lakes School District is following through with a WorkSafeBC investigation following a leak of chlorine gas at Nakusp Secondary School last month, the district said in a news release.

On Jan. 31, four students and a teacher were exposed to chlorine after a student inadvertently opened a valve on a cylinder in the metal shop that contain pressurized chlorine gas.

The students and teacher were taken to hospital to be checked up on and several firefighters attended the school to inspect the scene and safely dispose of the cylinders and ventilate the hallways.

Two other cylinders were found to contain hydrogen and argon gas.

The students and teacher were released from hospital that day and none had to return for follow up visits.

Following the incident, WorkSafeBC visited the school to look at other safety concerns. The school’s occupational health & safety committee, school district representatives and WorkSafeBC were working on a series of recommendations to ensure student and staff safety, the school district said.


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