Forty people submitted names for the new building. Photo: Arrow and Slocan Lakes Community Services

Forty people submitted names for the new building. Photo: Arrow and Slocan Lakes Community Services

Nakusp affordable housing project named Arrow Heights

Rina Gresiuk submitted the name for the project back in August

  • Nov. 5, 2020 12:00 a.m.

A 10-unit affordable housing complex set to open up in Nakusp has been named Arrow Heights.

Arrow and Slocan Lakes Community Services (ASLCS) asked the public on Aug. 27 to submit their favourite building names to them on social media.

Nakusp residents Rina Gresiuk was ecstatic when ASLCS announced that her name submission had been chosen for the project on Oct. 29.

“I had sent them quite a number of name submissions at the end of August and because I hadn’t heard from them in such a long time, I figured they had just came up with another good name for it,” said Gresiuk.

“I finally got the message from ASLCS staff last week and I got pretty excited.”

Other name submissions that Gresiuk had put forward included Lakeview, Community Side, Village Inn, Village Block, Neighbourly Nest and Village Voices.

Gresiuk mentioned one particular reason for how she came up with the Arrow Heights name.

“I was looking for something catchy and I drive by the building every day on my way to work,” said Gresiuk.

“It always came across to me as a fairly tall building compared to the smaller buildings surrounding it. I wanted to incorporate the word ‘height’ somehow and it made sense to go with ‘arrow’ because of the word in Arrow Lakes.”

After all of the name submissions were received, ALCLS staff voted on their favourite and Arrow Heights came out to be the clear winner.

Around 40 people sent their favourite building names to the ASLCS as part of the competition.

There are at least 13 other businesses or organizations in the Nakusp or Arrow Lakes region that have the word “arrow” in their names, according to the Nakusp and Arrow Lakes business directory.

People can now submit a tenancy application to the ASLCS if they want to rent at Arrow Heights.

Arrow Heights will provide one, two and three-bedroom rental units when they go on the market in December 2020.

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