Tennyson King will be playing in Revelstoke for Summer Fest on July 26. (Submitted)

Tennyson King will be playing in Revelstoke for Summer Fest on July 26. (Submitted)

Musician to visit Revelstoke says his music asks questions

Ontario-based Tennyson King is on tour across Canada

  • Jul. 20, 2019 12:00 a.m.

The folk rocking traveler Tennyson King will be stopping in Revelstoke as part of his ‘Back To The Ocean Tour’ .

“I always have a good time in Revelstoke. I love the mountains,” said King.

King has been to Revelstoke several times, but this will be the first time he will be playing his own music. He may even test a few new tunes on the crowd for an upcoming album.

“It’s a mix of John Meyer and The Bahamas,” said King.

“If you can imagine that. It’s so hard to explain music that’s yet to come,” he said with a laugh.

King said he knows a new song is a success if the audience “perks up a little bit”. Or they will come up and tell him what they think, he said part of the reason for going on tour is meeting people.

For King, playing a song that connects with people is the most rewarding. Ultimately it’s what every musician is chasing at a show.

“It’s that high you can create between you and everybody that is participating in the music.”

Even if the audience is only listening, just by participating in the vibe of a concert, threads everyone together.

“That speaks so much to me.”

King has drawn some inspiration for his songs from his life. He previously spent some time in Australia, living in a van, driving up and down the east coast, playing concerts, surfing every day and relaxing on the beach.

“Ya I know. It sounds horrible. Don’t ever do it!” King said.

When he returned to Ontario, where is currently lives, King said he was still high off of that energy.

“See ya later, gotta jump in my van

Chase that sunset and start again

Life on the road,” are the lyrics in the song named Coast, which was partly inspired by his journey.

His last album has a “coastal, beachy, road trip kind of vibe” from his time spent chasing sunsets. King said some people think the music is similar to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The album also drew inspiration from other musicians in Australia. While Australian culture tends to be laid back, said King, the lyrics still have substance and are often self-reflective.

“It’s not just about surfing and being on a beach. Lyrics can still have content.”

The music may sound cheerful and happy, but it can still have a darkness to it said King.

He continued that he tries to write introspectively.

“I always ask questions.”

For example, with the housing crisis in Canada, there are so many ways the following lyrics from the song You & Me could be interpreted. It all depends on the audience.

“Oh, it’s such a beautiful day

Watch the birds fly away

But when they take what we own

We lose our quiet home

It’s so hard to find

A place like this to stay

Don’t let them take it away”

Questions King likes to explore ask how can we improve our lives or how can we exist in this world a bit better.

“I write about the things I think about.”

Tennyson King will be playing in Revelstoke for Summer Fest on July 26.

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