Mounties say impaired driving has increased in Barriere area

North Thompson

North Thompson


The Barriere RCMP is alerting the public to a significant increase in the number of impaired drivers stopped by police in the Barriere area.

“During the first seven weeks of 2018, the Barriere RCMP and the Central Interior Traffic Services have already issued eight 90 day prohibitions for driving while impaired,” commented Barriere Detachment Commander, Cpl. R. Welsman. He also noted, “There were no 90 day prohibitions issued during the same period of 2017.”

A 90-day prohibition from driving is issued whenever a driver provides a breath sample greater than 0.08 BAC or who fails to provide a sample upon demand. Penalties include:

• A mandatory 90-day suspension of the license, which requires the driver to reapply for their license following the prohibition

• Fines ranging from a minimum of $500 and up to $4,060

• A mandatory 30-day impoundment of the vehicle, which results in an average impoundment cost of $680 in order to retrieve the vehicle

• Required participation in the Responsible Driver Program at a cost of $880

• Installation of an Ignition Interlock device and its associated fees

• A $250 driver’s licence reinstatement fee, as well as any outstanding motor vehicle related fines, fees, and debts owed to the Province or to ICBC

• An increased cost in vehicle insurance for the offender

Welsman also commented that impaired drivers who are involved in a collision are not covered by insurance and may be held personally liable for damages and injury costs incurred by other affected parties. Unlicensed impaired drivers, grossly intoxicated impaired drivers, impaired drivers who are involved in a serious motor vehicle collision, and repeat impaired drivers will be charged criminally and can be subject to greater penalties such as a criminal conviction, fines, longer driving prohibitions, and imprisonment.

“The Barriere RCMP wants to remind the public that if you drink, don’t drive,” said the Corporal.

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